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Caiman packs a powerful, expandable and feature rich rack mountable solution. Combining the latest technology for a green footprint, this solution not only provides seamless service but saves electricity. This server appliance is focused for businesses that need to use PSTN interconnect on premises. Understand all the Reasons why you should pick telRouter as your preferred vendor for you telecom solution.

Why choose Caiman?

Connect from anywhere as long as you have Internet connection
1U rack mount server
Configure your routes in Caiman to connect to PSTN either direcly or via telrouter network
We grow as you grow. You can add another firefly, caiman to your network as your call load increases
Unlimited extensions and enjoy full fledge enterprise pbx phone features
50 Concurrent call conversation per sec which leads to a minimum of 250 business extensions.
Build your phone system bottom up everything from telrouter and get our integration support and services for free
Dont pay for the calls between your geographically distant offices. Interoffice connect configuration is very easy and simple with telrouter
We beat other pbx with our unique features with telRouter GUI. A few named here are call data reports, call data analysis, visual display of extension status, visual voicemail display
Phone system is heart of a business. Let us monitor or you can monitor Caiman using our preconfigured snmp traps