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Cloud IP-PBX

Need to concentrate on your Business ? No time to browse thru and look for the best phone system and what suits your business. Let us take care of it for you. We configure and maintain your pbx for you and you save time and money. No service contracts, no hidden costs and no servers to maintain in your premises. The unique pricing structure, combined with latest cloud computing and voip technology this solution becomes the fastest and easiest one to have .Understand all the Reasons why you should pick telRouter as your preferred vendor for you telecom solution.

Whether you are a starup or a SME, cloud hosted IP-PBX services works best for growing businesses. With no equipment to buy and very low cost of entry, you can get carrier grade enterprise telecom infrastructure at your doorstep. Throw out those hefty software, hardware, integration and support cost out of the window, all you have to do is provide an internet connection. You just need to plug in your phone and you are online in minutes. No service contracts, no hidden costs, no hardware to maintain, PERIOD.

Our cloud hosted telRouter suite of services offer scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness while maintaining low per capita cost. Scalability of large number of offices functioning as one office, flexibility to carry your phone anywhere in the world. Most of our solutions are plug and play, no fuss no mess. Simple flat rate cost and no large contracts to sign. We can port your existing numbers and/or provide you alternate numbers. Currently we cover North American and European countries for Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers.