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Network Management System

As networks are getting more and more important for all kinds of businesses and organizations, network monitors are playing an increasingly important role in IT infrastructures. Understanding your network traffic is key to meet your business goals and requirements.

There are various other components that play a role in terms of security, usage, monitoring when I comes to managing Railway Network. As certified NMS implementers for a large network of Northern Railways, we bring in here our expertise as system integrators, a core team of Network architects, Project managers and technical support to architect, build, monitor their network traffic. We have successfully completed several customized Network monitoring projects/products for Indian railways and continue to do so.

A Network Monitoring system is responsible for operation, administration, maintainence and provisioning of a networked system. Functions that are performed as part of network management include controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating, and monitoring the resources of a network, network planning, frequency allocation, predetermined traffic routing to support load balancing, cryptographic key distribution authorization, configuration management, fault management, security management, performance management, bandwidth management, Route analytics and accounting management.